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using Energy Healing techniques to create balanced wellness

energy healing, holistic healing, hands-on healing, family constellation,
energy healing, holistic healing, hands-on healing, family constellation,

using Energy Healing techniques to create balanced wellness

About Susan Miller Macknin, RN


                                               Heal the past so you can step into the future with the life you were destined for.

Susan’s work combines traditional Nursing with holistic and complementary healing. She has extensive training in Energy Medicine, seeing clients in private practice as well as facilitating workshops, support groups and retreats.  


Susan discovered the world of Energy Medicine after stress took a serious toll on her physically and emotionally, causing years of 

suffering from chronic illnesses.  With little help from the medical community, she turned to natural methods to heal and to return to 

a healthier version of herself.   

Susan brings compassion and empathy into her life and her healing work to help others in physical, emotional or spiritual turmoil.  She guides 

her clients to uncover their self-limiting beliefs or the negative patterns which hold them back or have a negative impact on their lives.  She 

helps them let go and move forward.

In taking her clients on a journey of self-discovery, as she was guided to do for herself, she helps them rewrite the negative patterns to reduce 

or eliminate stress. Her clients can therefore move forward in a more positive and loving way.   

Susan's passion for helping others has been her lifelong purpose, and she looks forward to helping her clients reconnect to their purpose and find inner peace. 


What is the result?

By helping her clients uncover their self-limiting beliefs, rewrite their negative patterns and reduce or eliminate stress, Susan's clients experience a more fulfilled and joyful life. 

By understanding the deeper origins of pain, and how the body holds onto deep physical and emotional issues or the intergenerational issues we carry, clients can see things more clearly.  The source of the pain can be understood and healed.  Her clients can learn to let go of the pain or trauma of the past. 


  • B.A.  Sociology, Psychology, Biology
  • B.S.  BBSH Energy Medicine
  • Registered Nurse, Clinical Supervisor
  • PhD in process Natural and Integrative Medicine
  • Health and Wellness Coach
  • The Constellation Approachcertified facilitator
  • EFT ~ PSYCH-K ~ Akashic Records
  • North American Systemic Constellations Conference,          Volunteer '15, Committee Chair '17, Co-Director '20
  • Chapter President, Holistic Chamber of Commerce - Jacksonville East  

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