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What are people saying about their experience with Susan?

"I came to Susan for a few years while I worked on my family's addiction issues.  I felt responsible to take care of them but I was so angry all the time. This also affected my other relationships.  Susan helped me deal with things and let go of other things. Within a year I met the love of my life and was able to move forward! I was no longer afraid to open up to the relationship instead of pushing him away subconsciously like I always did."           

"Susan helped me with a lot of pain I was dealing with for years.  I was scheduled for double hip surgeries and was hoping for pain relief so I could keep working until the surgeries, which were scheduled in two months.  Because of the weekly healing sessions I was able to keep working and I had complete relief.  I postponed the surgeries for over a year.  I was even able to stop using my two canes, which I needed for years before that."

"I did many distant healing sessions with Susan when I was going through some health challenges.  She was able to find out the cause of what was happening to me and just over a short time I was no longer having those issues.  The doctors couldn't explain the remission of symptoms.  With the biofeedback device, distant hands-on healing work and some coaching, I felt complete relief."

"Susan helped change my life after an emotionally traumatic experience in my life.  Her biofeedback machine worked its magic opening my chakras, helped me let go of the pain, and found health problems before they manifested.  

Susan has a giant heart and a listening skill that astounds.  She has given heartfelt advice of allowing you to go thru your journey of emotions, so you go thru them and come out with acceptance, peace and love."      Marie 

"I went to Susan to help me deal with anxiety and depression.  For a long time I had stopped going out very much during the day because I couldn't deal with people.  I changed my shift at work to work alone at night.  After working with Susan I can go to social functions and I can be in large groups again."

"Susan worked with my son for almost two years.  He had ADHD and the school officials wanted me to medicate him.  By the end of the first school year of healing sessions he was on the honor roll and able to sit still in class.  I didn't have to medicate hm and the teachers love him now!"

"I met Susan some years ago. I found her expertise as a nurse (and alternative healing specialist) quite refreshing and a welcome source of joy and relief in my life. This process revealed occurrences that took place while I was just a mere infant and continued to reveal experiences that ran the gamut on up to adulthood. Finally I was able to receive answers to so many questions I had pondered throughout my life. I highly recommend Susan and the methods she uses to anyone and everyone because I trust her implicitly. She is kind, caring, professional and competent but most of all extremely knowledgeable when it comes to matters of the human body/psyche et al."       K-dean LeSean