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family constellations

Hummingbird Constellations

Family Constellations Therapy (Hummingbird Constellations) is based on the work of Bert Hellinger, a German psychoanalyst.  He spent 16 years working as a missionary, a priest, and a teacher living with the Zulu tribe in Africa, where he observed how the Zulu people lived with ancestor reverence as the central focal point in their lives. In the late ‘70s, he left Africa and the church and returned to Germany where he earned advanced degrees and trained in other psychotherapeutic modalities, such as gestalt therapy, psychodrama, and Virginia Satir’s model of family therapy.  Bert studied families for over 50 years, observing that many of us take on Family patterns as a way of belonging. 


Bert says, "When there has been a trauma or someone in the family system has been excluded, forgotten, cast out, or suffered a difficult fate, someone of the following generations unconsciously and invariably will step in and bring the lost member's destiny back through living it out in this lifetime, affecting us in ways in which we have no understanding. It happens out of a deep but hidden loyalty that will not allow anyone of a family system being denied the right to belong. It is a love so deep that the family member may unconsciously choose to die, rather than ‘betray’ the family bond." 

Susan has studied this work with Jamy and Peter Faust since 2005, who offer The Constellation Approach™ training after studying with Bert Hellinger and several other facilitators of Family Constellations. 

"The Constellation Approach allows a deep soul-level healing to take place by leading us past societal ideas of morality to a holographic understanding of why events happen in the context of love and loyalty to the family."       -Jamy and Peter Faust

Brennan Healing Sciences

After years of researching the Human Energy Field (HEF) and studying numerous healing modalities, Dr. Barbara Brennan developed Brennan Healing Science (BHS), a holistic healing modality based on the Human Energy Consciousness System and its relationship to health and disease.


This work combines High Sense Perception skills and hands-on energy healing techniques to assist individuals with their personal process of healing.  It touches every aspect of a person’s life to improve the quality of life.

Each healing session is a sacred experience.  As a healer, my primary objective is to support you in your unique healing journey with proficiency, integrity, and compassion. The BHS Practitioner is committed to creating a safe, empathic, and life-affirming environment to best facilitate your healing and transformational process. 

BHS may be combined with traditional medicine or other modalities.  When done so, BHS can be a powerful vehicle for facilitating change on a holistic level that feeds both the physical body and the soul.

Indigo Biofeedback

During an INDIGO Biofeedback session, the client wears wrist and ankle bracelets as well as a head harness.  The sensors / electrodes comfortably read electrical impulses from the body and send the information to the computer which acts as a monitoring device. The biofeedback device is able to educate the client as to what specific areas of the body / mind are most in need of stress reduction and re-education based on the information translated from the biofeedback transmitted to the computer screen.

These data findings allow the client to better understand their reactions to stress, and the client can then learn how to better control their physiological responses.

While the biofeedback process is completely non-invasive and gentle, this powerful stress management support system allows relaxation and increased ability for the body to heal itself.

The intention of biofeedback is to help the body remember the balanced and stress-free state. When it is entrained to the healthier patterns of a relaxed state, this process of self-regeneration often happens naturally.

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