Upcoming Special Events

Annual Hummingbird Wellness Retreat

 **Nourish your mind, body, and soul** 

During this seminar, you will experience –  

• The setting of sacred space for the    intention of Family Lineage Healing 

• Guided imagery meditations to    connect with your Ancestors 

• An overview of the core principles of    Family Constellations 

• The opportunity to participate in    numerous Constellations throughout    the weekend   

• Receive several hands-on healing    sessions

• Uncover your obstacles and negative    patterns, and learn to overcome them    to move forward

• Set new goals and learn how to reach    them

No experience is necessary to attend 

this event

Date: TBD; watch for details    

Holistic Chamber of Commerce (new location TBD shortly, southern California)

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce  represents holistic professionals, practitioners and businesses. We encourage and promote healthy living, and support the professionals and businesses that make it possible.

Come meet and mingle with like minded community members.  Learn what is available as a consumer, learn to grow your holistic business as a professional, and lets grow and strengthen our holistic community together.

Recently relocated to southern California. Watch for new chapter happenings, coming soon!

Ongoing monthly groups; introductory constellations and informative sessions

Monthly introductory workshops to introduce the Constellation work and Energy Medicine.  Join us for deep learning, fun, informative and spiritual gatherings.

Learn how this work helps you clear obstacles and negative patterns. Participate in your own constellation or be a representative for someone else's constellation.

Beginners through advanced participants welcome,  Two-hour, half day and full day workshops.  For information please contact me.

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