Energy Healing: working on all levels; Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual;

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Services Offered:

Hummingbird Constellations

Family constellations allow us to peek into the family soul to reveal hidden dynamics. These forces can entangle us and their source can date back several generations.  In finding these hidden entanglements, we can let go of what has been keeping us stuck.  The emotional and physical suffering can be gently transformed.  Systemic Constellations can help with personal, professional or organizational issues. This work allows us to take a step back, witness the issue we are working on from a different vantage point, and thereby gain clarity. This profound soul-level work brings long-term, and often life changing, resolution.    read more

Hands-on Energy Healing

This work clears, charges and balances the energy field; it is a very gentle yet profound healing.  Some techniques include chakra clearing, organ restructuring, relational cord healing, and deep core level transformation.  Hara healings can help set your intentions to manifest your goals and align those intentions with your life's purpose.  Hands-on healing can affect change in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of the energy field to create positive shifts and movement forward.  It can be done in-person or long distance. 

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Indigo Biofeedback

This device measures over 12,000 frequencies in the body to see where imbalances are held. Then, using the device we can correct these imbalances to reverse stressors on the physical and emotional levels of the energy field. Often before disease is noticed in the physical body, there will be subtle changes in the energy field that can be measured, and then corrected before it affects the physical body.  And if already affecting the physical body, this device has the potential to make corrections to the negative frequency patterns and reverse the effects of dis-ease by retraining the body to deal with the stressors.

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Health and Wellness Coaching

For anyone feeling stuck in any area of their life, coaching offers guidance and support to help you find the way forward.

Sessions Include self-discovery to uncover what is holding you back.  We will use visioning and goal setting to plan what action steps are needed to move past obstacles.  I partner with you to hold you accountable, and using several different healing techniques I help you uncover and clear the blocks so you can reach your goals. Together we find the right success strategies to manifest what feeds your soul.

"When we change the way we look at things the things we look at change" .                                    ~~ Wayne Dyer

"And you, when will you begin that long journey into yourself?"                                           ~~Rumi

The light that you seek is within you. 

You just have to peel the onion, 

layers and layers of ignorance are there. 

The diamond is hidden in the mud. 

The diamond is not to be created. 

The diamond is already there --- 

Only the layers of mind have to be removed. 


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